Jacob went to school at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN and graduated with a B.A. in Sociology. He worked for a little over a year in a grocery store deli kitchen moving food from big boxes into many smaller boxes. Feeling a desire to do something that engaged more of himself and inspired by news apps from Propublica like the Facebook Ad Collector, he left to attend a full stack software development program at a coding bootcamp downtown.

There he learned that, after more than a half century of countless hours of work and sweeping infrastructure built by innumerable programmers, software development actually often requires a much less specialized skillset than he had imagined and takes only curiosity, practice and patience. Since, he has delighted in assembling various applications; most written for their own sake, and some – like this website – with the idea that others would look.

He often has three or four or five project ideas at once. One he has mostly working is more or less a compiler written in Rust that evaluates arithmetic expressions input as a list of characters and implements proper order of operations. Others have included jaunts into data collection and analysis with Python and Pandas. Most are web applications. Some involve servers and databases. Others just run in the web browser, like the games included here.

Curiosity is at the foundation of all of Jacob's work. He thinks that there is little else more satisfying than getting a handle on a difficulty or some non-comprehension and observing growth in one's capacity to manage and/or comprehend it.